Who the squid are we?

Mart Henke

MartGerman Mart Henke spent more than half of his life abroad on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. As a Managing Hotel Director and Head of a Diving Base Chain he specialized on sustainable hotel concepts and diving tourism. He is an experienced free and monofin diver, holds the Technical Dive Master Brevet, successfully trained about 500 new divers with more than 1000 underwater hours. He’s studying Aquanautics since 2006 and currently living on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.
Mail: mart(at)calamarpark.com; LinkedIn

Nursel Arslan

NurselNursel Arslan is an artworker from Hamburg, Germany, and our PR agent for the oceans. She is well qualified for this position through years of commitment in the dive centers of IWM as a diving instructor and co-developer of the Moonwalk‘ program. She is a natural born creative, socially competent and therefore our contact to the world’s press. Currently she lives in London, UK.

Benjamin Kuch

BenjaminBenjamin is diving instructor, technical- and rebreather diver. He holds a MSc in computer science and a PhD in engineering. During his master thesis he focused on measurement of physiological parameters of apnea divers. In his PhD his research topics were decompression algorithms, embedded systems for underwater applications and underwater navigation. Currently he is R&D engineer for dive computer, DPV and rebreather development.


Dieter Heinz

DieterSales for MARES, Scuba Schools International (SSI) and HEAD Swimming Austria; former General Manager of Mares/SSI Philippines; Operation Manager of Saudi Sports Group; Business Development Manager of HEAD Swimming; Manager of the MARES S.p.A. section International Diving Center ; CEO of International Watersports Management (IWM)

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