Undersea Station: Event Plan

IWM Theme Park Anchor
The artificial anchor in the IWM Themepark, 2007

(Updated 20.11.2017; added new project headlines) One of the differences to other previous stations is the fact that it is not only available for a small group of scientists, but to a large group even of private participants. Of course, it still requires a very strict program to enter the station. The idea is to settle the station inside a park (The Calamar-Park) and make it available for all sport divers. For this touristic purpose a row of activities and attractions has to be designed. These attractions will follow a chronological program to maintain continuous popularity. That means that when an attraction reaches its half-time period another attraction should be already on its way as seen in the following graph:

event graphThe popularity of each event consists of…

  • its beginning: the first announcement of the activity
  • its peak: the maximum point of popularity
  • its end: by reaching half-time period

There is a growing list of possible activities with different popularity values and half-life periods:

  • Main Announcement of the station
  • Project ‘Explorer Probe’
  • Project ‘Hydrophone’
  • Project ‘Diver’s Bell’
  • Construction Report
  • Opening
  • Project ‘Culture Ark’
  • Project ‘Kauri’
  • Project ‘Underwater Arts Platform’
  • Project ‘Underwater Sculpture Exhibition’
  • Project ‘Coin Capsule’
  • Project ‘Live Conference’
  • Project ‘Surface Pool’ including full face masks for snorkellers
  • Project ‘Underwater Bike’
  • Project ‘Underwater Scooter’
  • Project ‘Live School Class’
  • Various Equipment Workshops, e.g. rebreather, full face masks etc.
  • Various activity workshops, e.g. free diving, moonwalk, monofin etc. with prominent trainers
  • Project ‘Coral Umbrella’

This list is not completed and will be updated frequently.

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