Undersea Station: Interior

Interior design of Submarine Safaris SL, San Miguel, TenerifeThe biggest disadvantage in the task of constructing a new generation of underwater habitats is at the same time the biggest advantage: there are almost no corresponding references and examples, since most habitats fall into the shelter category. Therefore, when developing a larger station, most of the details have to be reconsidered. At the same time, because of this circumstance we are completely free to give it a look as we wish as long as we stay within the limitations of safety, which is, of course, the most important aspect. All materials should be carefully selected in terms of inflammability, predisposition for mould and stability. The second aspect is the functionality: all equipments should be easily accessible and usage should not be limited because of design preferences. The third group of aspects covers the habitability for long-term participants and attractivity for potential visitors.  We have to agree on a colour and design scheme accordingly that should be followed. Continue reading “Undersea Station: Interior”

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