Structural Shape – General Considerations

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Until now four different drafts were considered. Each shape developed after discussing pros and cons of the previous one. During this process we were able to define and approach constantly the following targets:

1. Ecology:

  • The structure should be easily removable
  • After removing no harmful materials and items should be left over on the sea bed
  • There should be a low need of energy and water

2. Size:

  • The difference to previous stations should be the ‘human’ size of living space.
  • The structure should NOT be only a shelter, but an environment for reasonable living.

3. Modularity:

  • The structure should be expandable which also serves the targeted ‘size of human living space’
  • Each module should contain a corridor that allows to move from one module to the other without passing every single room
  • Therefore the modules can serve educational, private or scientific purposes which might attract a wider range of potential investors.
  • To be modular the links between the modules should not mean any risk to the overall static, but on the contrary they might even strengthen the structure.

4. Drift Resistance:

  • With regard to previous stations the structure should not be too high erecting above the seabed
  • It should not have a huge windage from the bottom
  • This might also be ensured by drift shields

5. Swimming Ability

  • There should be a smart solution for transportation of the structure on the water surface (e.g. ship shaped base of Conshelf III)

6. Landing Procedure:

  • There should be a smart solution for submerging and landing the structure without risks

7. Visual Attraction:

  • The structure should look good!
  • Everybody should want to go there and see it with his own eyes.
  • Media should be thrilled

8. Safety:

  • The most important target: SAFETY FIRST
  • Easy entrance and exit
  • Alternative exits for cases of emergency
  • Light exterior colour for diver’s safe return during bad visibility

See the different approaches up to now:

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