Scuba Education Book For Children

aquanautica-krakiAs an initiative of Dieter Heinz, former owner of IWM, we finished development of the Aquanautica in 2006. The educational book for children scuba courses in shallow waters has 27 pages and explains all details in a language that makes the complicated subjects easily understandable. All illustrations and layouts were made by Calamar-Park (or the former Underwater Promotion Office) while all contents were supervised and directed by Dieter Heinz who took a great part in developing children equipments for MARES/Italy.

The German version of the Aquanautica received wide appreciation by the CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) and was officially recommended by the Federation of Diving Centers VIT (Verband Internationaler Tauchschulen).The book contains:

  • Two full chapters of diving theory explaining equipment, physics, medicine, behaviour and drills
  • Tests pages after each chapter
  • Three pages with colouring pictures
  • A board game simulating a shallow, a medium and a deep dive
Aquanautica 2006, page 1
Aquanautica 2006, page 11
Aquanautica 2006, page 18
Aquanautica 2006, additional page
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