Worst Case Scenarios: Introduction

worst case(Update 20.12.2020: Added section Deactivation of Overwrite Rule) In this category we would like to list potential “Worst Case Scenarios”, their prevention and handling. The results of each scenario naturally link to two different applications:


  • structural measures of the habitat (to be considered during planning and construction of the habitat)
  • emergency procedures (to be considered before accommodation)

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Bioversal Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher LogoThe kind of fire extinguishers for an underwater habitat is an important issue. It should be effective, but must not contaminate the entire atmosphere. A considerable solution might be the Bioversal technology represented by  Gröschl Brandschutz GmbH (former Bioversal Umwelttechnik und Handels GmbH) in Austria. Continue reading “Bioversal Fire Extinguishers”