Wordpress HeaderCalamarPark.com is an independent ‘Initiative for Studies on Aquanautic‘. Our aim is to develop a new generation of underwater habitats by collecting all information of former projects, especially from the series of habitats of the 60’s and 70’s, and combine them with suggestions of the worldwide internet community and new technologies.

Within this scope we are convinced that this is the best approach to attract attention for the marine habitat and increase interest to its environmental issues.

Everyone is invited to contribute his suggestions and ideas using the comment box under each article.

The Underwater Promotion Office and CalamarPark.com

The ‘Underwater Promotion Office’ was founded in 2005 by Martin Henke together with Nursel Arslan and Benjamin Kuch as an initiative to attract attention for the marine habitat and increase interest to its environmental issues. Therefore we developed several projects and underwater events.

Completed Projects

  • Introducing the website UnderwaterPromotion.com becoming several times one of the most popular sites on the diving topic on TOP100 ranking.
  • The underwater sculpture exhibition ‘Deep Art with approximately 3500 diving visitors per year and large press resonance in cooperation with the ‘International Water Sports Management IWM
  • The interactive dive guide Kemer / Turkey, funded by the travel companies ‘Anex Tour‘ and the diving providers ‘Magic Divers‘ (Magic Life).
  • Projects for the diving association PADI Europe and the diving equipment manufacturer ‘MARES” Italy
  • The scuba course book for children ‘Aquanautica‘, officially recommended by the Association of International Diving Schools VIT.
  • Planning and construction of the underwater theme parks in Kiris, Kemer / Turkey in cooperation with the IWM.
  • Planning and construction of the underwater theme park for the hotel ‘Sungate Port Royal‘ in cooperation with the IWM.
  • Planning and construction of the ‘Medusa habitat‘, a tourist diving bell in cooperation with the IWM, for testing the guest response to alternative diving activities.
  • Moonwalk to Sıçan Island (Sıçan Adası) in Antalya
  • Establishing the Calamar Park Document Server

Ongoing Projects

  • ‘Undersea Station’ : An open-source project for designing, developing and finally constructing an underwater settlement between 2007 and 2012 as a forum on UnderwaterPromotion.com and since 2016 on this webpage.
  • Calamar Park Net: Establishing and maintaining an international network of underwater experts.
  • Contributing articles about underwater subjects on the German Wikipedia:
  • Authorized translation of James W. Miller and Ian G. Koblicks book Living and Working in the Sea (Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1984, ISBN 0-442-26084-9) from English to German. The translation is completed and we are looking for funding for proofreading and publishing via ‘Books On Demand’ (BOD).

Site Language:

Even if most of us are not native English speakers we decided to publish CalamarPark.com in English. The reason is obvious: There are much more people able to communicate in English than in German, the language of UnderwaterPromotion.com. Therefore we would like to apologize in advance for any lacks and mistakes in style or grammar of the texts.

General Principles

In design and future construction we dedicated ourselves to the following principles:

  • Safety; all operations will be carried out under the premise of ‘Safety First’
  • Strict transparency; all partners will receive complete information about the status of operation
  • Open Source; all information will be openly available, except a small part of appr. 10% strategically important information
  • Environment; all operations will be carried out under the highest possible environmental safeguards
  • Legality; all procedures and constructions will be designed according to the legal frame of the destination country.
  • Non-political: we will always refuse to change any of our procedures, that intend us to be used as a tool for political goals.
  • Neutrality; there is no space in CalamarPark for decisions based on gender, ethnicity or origin


A bit of nostalgia: Turkish Newspaper Akşam, 3rd of March, 2007