Mission to La Chalupa Habitat

Jules Undersea LodgeWithin our efforts of developing a new generation of undersea habitation we will have a mission in La Chalupa habitat in Florida in October 2017. Under the name of ‘CalamarPark Mission 2017’ we will enter the habitat on 22nd of October and stay inside for one week before returning to the surface.

Purposes of the mission

  • getting a deeper insight into one of the most sophisticated habitats in history,
  • collecting behavioral impressions of prolonged exposures to saturation conditions,
  • meeting the key figures of the undersea habitation series of the 60’s and 70’s
  • testing certain new tools for operation under increased pressure
  • conducting live online video calls to educational institutions and TV in different countries
  • evaluating the use of habitats for underwater archeology (UNESCO supported)
  • visiting two more active habitats (short term and without mission)
  • visiting two more inactive habitats in Germany
  • producing video material (interviews, documentary etc.) for online publication

We are very glad and thankful that the company behind La Chalupa habitat named ‘Jules Undersa Lodge’ supports us with a major part of this mission. To maintain the remaining financing we are looking for media and advertisement partners. In return we can offer the use of the desired product logos on uniforms and background of videos, live video calls and imagery, and implementing the product name to the mission name. Beside that, one participant might be chosen by the sponsor. The minimum amount to be generated is…

20.000 $US for the full mission with four participants (3 CalamarPark + 1 sponsor)

or alternatively

12.000 $US for the limited mission with two participants


CalamarPark.com is one of the leading enterprises in studies on Aquanautics investigating history and technical background of underwater habitation since many years. Its goal is the development of a new generation of underwater habitats based on all available historical data combined with new technologies.


Please feel free to contact us for more information over mart(at)calamarpark.com

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